Norman Reedus to take time off The Walking Dead to shoot Boondock Saints 3 and Boondock Saints TV Show?

With The Boondock Saints 3: Legion. preparing to shoot where will that leave Norman Reedus beloved character Daryl Dixon?  It is being reported that Reedus will have to take some time off to shoot the 3rd sequel to the film that originally shot him into stardom.

There has been no statements regarding Norman’s character Daryl’s story arc in the new season, but IMBD has him listed for several more episodes to finish out season 6.

The fan favorite Daryl Dixon is a wild card on the show, being the main ccharacter that is not in the comic book, with that being said there is nothing to foreshadow his future. It is truly up to the writers


Ten years after The Boondock Saints was released, a sequel to the cult classic hit theaters. Despite that sequel not being received nearly as well as the original, director Troy Duffydecided to press on and make a third film, and he’s got dedicated fans pretty excited about the possibilities. Duffy has been pretty tight lipped on this and only revealed the new films’ title, but some details about the plot.

Basically, Legion is going to involve the legions of followers who have copied the lead of the Saints. Clever, eh? Also, the film picks up with the boys behind bars, just like they were when the second film ended. The movie will look into their past, going all the way back to the very first crime they committed.


This film is going to be followed up with a TV series starring Norman and Sean Patrick Flanery.

As of right now no tentative dates have been set for The Boondock Saints 3: Legion or the The Boondock Saints series.


Hopefully he will be able to shoot most of the film on The Walkinf Dead off season like he did with his new film Air