Meat Loaf Falls Off Stage At Frightmare Weekend Texas 2019, Taken To Hospital . Watch Exclusive Video Here

Meat Loaf took a nasty fall this past Saturday during a Q & A at the Texas Frightmare Weekend. Which required an overnight stay in the hospital Meat loaf reportedly got on the stage, and tripped over a wire and fell against the black curtains and off the stage.  A fan at the event reported That Even as he was on the floor in pain he wouldn’t let the staff take the microphone before telling his fans he loved them and thanked everyone for coming to see him. Emt’s treated him at the scene and he was taken to near by hospital that has kept him for observation. Meatloaf was treated for a broken collarbone. There has been no updates on Meat loaf’s Health at the time but we wish him a speedy recovery



Texas Frightmare Weekend Posted The Following

As everyone knows Meat Loaf fell today. We wanted to keep you updated as soon as we knew something. We just found out that the hospital is keeping him overnight for observation. He will not be able to return on Sunday but he has already confirmed that he will be back in 2020! He’s a trooper and we are praying a speedy recovery!

Photo ops will be refunded as soon as possible.


Meat loaf Falls Off Stage During Q & A at @Texas Fright mare Weekend Video Courtney Of Shaina Lammert Exclusively for Sofa King Cool Magazine