Marilyn Manson’s ‘The Pale Emperor’ Album Streaming in Full

Marilyn Manson‘s highly-anticipated ninth studio album, ‘The Pale Emperor,’ is now available for streaming in full! Through Loma Vista Recordings, all 10 tracks from ‘The Pale Emperor’ can be heard right now — more than a week before its release.

So far, we’ve heard the cuts ‘Third Day of a Seven Day Binge,’ ‘Deep Six’ and ‘Cupid Carries a Gun’ from the Antichrist Superstar. The rest of the dark, new wave-inspired album stays true to the path carved by the three tracks, projecting a level of inspiration and originality sure to please Manson fanatics.

“‘The Pale Emperor’ came from a book that I was given in 2000 by [Johnny] Depp,” Manson recently told Full Metal Jackie. ”We have each other’s back as in we have the same tattoo on our back. It covers our entire back. It was about Heliogabalus which may be a little esoteric for our listeners. He was the emperor of Rome before Caligula. He was the first one to deny God and that’s a big deal.”

Manson continued, “For whatever reason I had just opened up all the boxes of my past life. I moved into a new house while I made this record. Normally I’d title the album before the album was made but this time I titled it after it was made. I unearthed all of these books and I found this book Johnny gave me in Y2K when I went to stay with him in South of France because we thought the world was going to come to an end. Instead we set off firecrackers and bought all the absinthe there was in different countries. I read it and it was referring to this emperor who they referred to the pale emperor and I identified with it suddenly.”

As for the album’s sound, ”It’s dirty, like the dirt under my nails, like someone who has dug a grave,” Manson describes.

What are you waiting for?! .   click here. to listen to ‘The Pale Emperor,’

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