Mallrats 2 title pays homage to the Brat Pack plus more casting news

An immense fire has been lit under Kevin Smith‘s ass to make MALLRATS 2 and in the span of 2 months he’s assembled the bulk of his cast, the first draft of his script and a title; MALLBRATS. Smith has stated before that the original film was set out to pay homage to John Hughes (SIXTEEN CANDLES, THE BREAKFAST CLUB) and it looks like that inspiration is still there, as the core cast members of those films were often referred to as ‘The Brat Pack’. You can check his announcement below.


Kevin Smith on the first draft of MALLBRATS:

IT’S MALL OR NOTHING!20 years in the making. 113 pages fulla old friends, new jokes and a bloody battle with Stan Lee! This is for you, Jim. Wish you were here…

The Jim in reference would be James Jacks (pictured above), who served as friend and producer on MALLRATS and passed away in January of last year. For those of you keeping track of the returning cast members, Smith also recently added Claire Forlani and View Askew favorite Brian O’Halloran to the mix. They’ll join the likes of Stan Lee, Michael Rooker, Jason Lee, Jeremy London, Jason Mewes and pretty much the rest of the original cast. Smith has stated that there’s only 2 left to seek out, with the first (I’m guessing) being Priscilla Barnes. The last is undoubtedly the mighty Ben Affleck. The two haven’t worked together since CLERKS 2, so we’ll see if Batfleck is up for a return trip soon enough.

MALLBRATS will shoot later this year.

The chocolate-covered pretzel was a nice touch!