Lou Diamond Phillips to play killer Richard Ramirez in The Night Stalker

Lou Diamond Phillips will portray one of the U.S.’s most notorious killers in THE NIGHT STALKER, according to Phillips will star as Richard Ramirez, the vicious serial killer dubbed “The Night Stalker” by the media, who was convicted on 13 counts of murder and five attempted murders in 1985.

This film will follow a lawyer who, in order to save another man from execution, attempts to evoke a confession from the aging Ramirez. The film apparently incorporates the facts of Ramirez’s crimes into a fictional account.

While on Death Row, Ramirez died of complications from secondary to B-cell lymphoma in June 2013.

Megan Griffiths is directing the indie, which starts production this summer. Alisa Tager and Matthew R. Brady are producing.