Live Nation Offers Motley Crue $150 Million for Comeback Tour Only if Vince Neil Loses 40 pounds

Mötley Crüe rockers Vince Neil Opens in New Windowand Tommy Lee Opens in New Windoware locked in a petty war of words, has learned exclusively, as the bad boys bicker over which aging superstar should go to rehab first.

According to sources, the ’80s hair band is set to cash in with a $150 million Live Nation tour — if heavyweight front man Neil drops 40 pounds and gets treatment.

But insiders say the 58-year-old singer was infuriated by the promoters’ slim-down demands — and insisted boozehound Lee needs is the one that needs to clean up his act! And that’s not sitting well with Lee.


“Tommy is furious!” said a source close to the 57-year-old ex of Pam Anderson Opens in New Windowand Heather Locklear Opens in New Window. “He won’t do it! He doesn’t think he has a drinking problem — but everybody else does!” the insider confessed.

As Radar reported, Lee has worked hard on his image, after getting in a heated, physical fight Opens in New Window with son Brandon Opens in New Windowlast year over accusations of alcohol issues.

In February, Lee married fourth wife Brittany Furlan Opens in New Windowon Valentine’s Day. Friends of the pair seem to believe their love Opens in New Windowis “one for the ages.”

Though bassist Nikki Sixx Opens in New Window, who recently welcomed a baby girl with wife Courtney Opens in New Windowsaid he’s raring to go on the road, he isn’t counting on his bandmates to come together anytime soon, a source spilled.

Neither Vince Neil nor Tommy Lee responded to requests for comment