Kevin Smith teases Moose Jaws monster fight, returning characters in YOGA HOSERS

As Kevin Smith puts the finishing touches on YOGA HOSERS, the second installment in his True North Trilogy of Canada-based creature features that kicked off with TUSK, he’s also working on the screenplay for the trilogy capper, MOOSE JAWS, and dropping hints at what that one has in store for us.

Described as “JAWS with a moose”, MOOSE JAWS is about a giant, man-eating moose terrorizing a summer camp in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

On the latest episode of the Hollywood Babble-On podcast he co-hosts with Ralph Garman, Smith was inspired by mention of GODZILLA to reveal that MOOSE JAWS culminates in a monster fight reminiscent of a kaiju battle, just on a smaller scale. The giant moose will be brought to the screen with practical effects, and the creature is being designed by Robert Kurtzman, the same special effects artist who turned Justin Long into a walrus for TUSK.

Johnny Depp, Lily-Rose Depp, and Harley Quinn Smith reprise their TUSK roles of private investigator Guy Lapointe and teenage convenience store clerks Colleen Collette and Colleen McKenzie in YOGA HOSERS, and yesterday Smith posted on his social media accounts a screen capture from the end credits of YOGA HOSERS that includes the line, “The Colleens will return in MOOSE JAWS.” This isn’t all that surprising, since pictures from YOGA HOSERS have shown Harley Quinn Smith’s Colleen wearing a T-shirt from a camp in Moose Jaw.

The Colleens won’t be the only returning characters in MOOSE JAWS – on his TUSK audio commentary, Smith said Genesis Rodriguez would be reprising her role from that film to join the moose hunting expedition. One would assume that Guy Lapointe is likely to make an appearance as well.

Production on MOOSE JAWS is still a ways off, meanwhile Smith will be debuting the YOGA HOSERS trailer at Comic-Con next month, and is hoping the film will have its premiere at September’s Toronto International Film Festival.

I’ve been a Smith devotee since the beginning, so I’m always looking forward to everything he has in the works, and I’m loving that he has so much in the works these days. Especially since he’s straying into my beloved horror genre for some of it. MOOSE JAWS will be fit into his schedule somewhere amongst the MALLRATS sequel MALLBRATS, CLERKS III, Christmas horror anthology ANTI-CLAUS, a segment in another horror anthology entitled HOLIDAYS, and TV mini-series HIT SOMEBODY.