Journey’s Neal Schon Sueing Live Nation For Security Assaulting His Wife

Journey‘s guitarist, Neal Schon, can’t believe a security guard hired by Live Nation manhandled his wife at one of his concerts … so he claims in a new lawsuit.Schon and his wife, Michaele, are suing Live Nation claiming she was assaulted while taking pictures at his concert in Fort Wayne, Indiana back in March 2017. In docs, obtained by TMZ, the Schon’s claim she was taking pictures in front of the stage when, out of nowhere, a security guard who was hired by Live Nation violently assaulted her and threw her into the PA system.It’s unclear what triggered the attack, but according to docs … Michaele says she suffered emotional distress and humiliation from the assault. Neal’s suing, claiming he’s suffered emotional distress because he’s now worried about his wife’s safety while he’s performing. They’re suing for unspecified damages. TMZ reached out to Live Nation, so far, no word back.