Jerry Only Threatens To Sue Michale Graves Over Misfits

Update Michale Graves posted the following


I have been threatened by The #Misfits and there legal team that they are planning on suing me. I have done nothing wrong. I have tried to reach out to Jerry Only who in the recent past purports to “love” me and be “my friend” but to no avail. He has my personal cell phone number and I have his but he wont talk to me…he and John Cafiero have there lawyer do the talking for them.

After receiving a cease and decist that gives me until next week to somehow comply with there bullshit before they file suit, we reached out to try and work out how we can satisfy them….how to comply. This is the reply from
K n L Gates who represents The Misfits and Cyclopian Music….Jerry Only and Jackface Cafiero:

I cannot tell you what Mr. Emmanuel (Graves) can do but I can tell you, as set forth in my letter, what he cannot do.

Mr. Emmanuel has had nothing to do with the Misfits since 2000-2001 and has been a solo artist since then. Yet, he continues the past pattern of using the Misfits artwork, logos and name to give the false impression that his current activities are associated with the Misfits. As I am sure you know, the Misfits recently have performed several highly publicized and critically acclaimed live reunion shows and Mr. Emmanuel’s unauthorized use of the Misfits intellectual property not only is a blatant attempt to trade on that publicity but is likely to confuse consumers into believing that he has something to do with such shows, which of course he does not.


Chris Verdini


Your lawsuit threat is as low as it gets and so our the people you represent. Those people …Jerry Only and John Cafiero ….know that I am the father of 3 young children and I work very, very hard every single day to make ends meet for my family. I struggle like most ordinary people in this world do. I take good care of my family best I can. I don’t ….like your client does….have the luxury of expensive lawyers and lucrative properties and assets. So when you…representing Jerry Caifa threaten to sue me its pathetic and soulless because he knows damn well I dont have anything to take….and anything you do punitive to me would be an atomic bomb to my 3 children whom I provide for and who have nothing to do with any of this.

I have NEVER used any of Misfits intellectual property in any way that violates the law, sir. There is no pattern of anything except the pattern of your clients bogus claims and bully tactics against me and others in the past.

It is quite common knowledge and is very well known that I have had nothing to do with The Misfits since 2001…..after I wrote and composed a majority of the music that catapulted the ‘Kryst The Conquerer’ boys AND the talentless hack John Cafiero into the spotlight. It was MY work and compositions that opened the doors and gave there nonexistent careers life again. ie Dig Up Her Bones, Crying On Saturday Night, Scream and American Psycho ….and most others….were written by ME.

Nobody I have ever come across is confused about what I do and there is nobody in the consumer space that is confused about anything regarding my affiliation or lack there of with The Misfits regardless of there high profile , critically acclaimed shows you mention. Its hysterical that you feel you must mention that they were so critically acclaimed.

It is a joke that you put forth the notion or think I have to or would want to blatantly try to somehow ride Jerry Caifas (MISFITS) coattails after the “critically acclamied” reunion shows. It is laughable and paranoid to think I am or have tried to attach myself to any of these “reunion shows” by any means whatsoever in an attempt to falsely give the perception that I am somehow ‘involved’ in them. That is far reaching and impossible to prove because it’s not true.

If you are going to bring a lawsuit against me you should work on your due diligence and make sure you spell my name correctly as you have spelled it wrong throughout your correspondence and in your cease and decist note.

~Michael C Emanuel
PKA Michale Graves

Michale Graves has just posted the following to Social Media

And Now My Gloves Come Off

Jerry Only and his team of ‘yes men’ have threatened to SUE me and MY team after posting what I plan on doing not only in SOUTH AMERICA but ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Some of you need to understand that your heroes are actually bad guys….and dont have as much talent, ethics or love as they like to pretend to have.

I have more to say about all of this and will release a longer statement very soon.

“Your never gonna get me….I’M the Crimson Ghost……you fools!”