Interview with Swim the Current

Sofa King Cool Caught up with Swim the Current and we discussed the debut single “Cognitive Dissonance” and how the band got together fpr this track  featuring Vocalist Chaka Malik (Burn, Orange 9mm), bassist George Pond (Disciples of Verity), and guitarist Joe Gareri (Joe Gareri Project) and Greg Antine we talk abut the new method of releasing singles instead of an album, the future of touring and what is next for the band


Tri-State NJ – The project Swim the Current headed up by guitarist Greg Antine has released his next single “Cognitive Dissonance”. Vocalist Chaka Malik (Burn, Orange 9mm), bassist George Pond (Disciples of Verity), and guitarist Joe Gareri (Joe Gareri Project) join the head of this project, Greg Antine, this time as musician guests on Swim the Current’s current project release.
A professional well-known and constructed team of musician’s all contributing as they have set a tone that continues to showcase what a project like Swim the Current can produce when musicians come together and meld their talents.
 “Cognitive Dissonance” certainly is a leader in the realm of modern collaborations between well-respected musicians and long-time friends.

Swim the Current was formed by guitarist Greg Antine as a project to showcase music ideas that needed a place to come to life. Antine combines his notable rock guitar talent and pushes his own personal development with a vision. Soon, he decided he wanted to take what he was creating and bring together a few local and national vocalists and musicians as guests and set a goal of music that pulls from the solid hard/metal rock. Taking the course of his precision guitar sound, he has pushed it forward to meet today’s rock demands. The sound of Swim the Current is set to capture a unique and distinctive blend of heavy, dark, and emotional rock. Most would say that Deftones are a big inspiration behind the infectious-sounding music that this artist portrays.
From San Diego to Portugal, Swim the Current will inspire, and perhaps one day, make the world more universally connected through music, space, and time.
Greg Antine has performed with (Disciples of Verity, Hengine, and Madjul). Presently, along with his project, Swim the Current, he is a former guitarist and songwriter for the New Jersey metal band Slave Revolt.
We had the chance to ask the band some questions about the song  which you can read below 
What you are doing here with Swim the Current is a unique project. Can you tell us a bit about the project idea, how musicians are chosen and what brought bassist George Pond (Disciples of Verity), Chaka Malik (Burn, Orange 9mm), and guitarist Joe Gareri (Joe Gareri Project) to working with Greg Antine the ring leader of Swim The Current’s projects?
Greg Antine: I always wanted to create a solo music project that showcases the best musicians that I admire, look up to and Idolize. George Pond is a big inspiration of mine. His musical genius is Top Notch and I’ve known him for many years. He is a great friend, musician, and engineer..without George, none of this would be possible!!
Chaka is one of my all-time favorite singers..I’ve been listening to Orange 9mm and Burn since I was a kid. Just totally stoked that he agreed to be a part of this.
Joe Gareri is a Huge inspiration to me!!  He is one of my all-time favorite Guitarists and to have him collaborate and contribute to Swim the Current is a dream come true
Charlie Berezansky is our main go-to for mixing and mastering. Another Great friend a Huge Inspiration!!
Tell us about this latest single “Cognitive Dissonance”. 
George Pond: The many faces of our new reality summed up into a song previously things we thought would never happen and will be talked about in history teachings forever.  The impossible catastrophes!
Does the song have any personal meaning to you or was it something in an observation you wanted to get across to your fans?  
Chaka Malik: As the lyricist and vocalist on this song, my perspective is that it’s important to share words and ideas for people to consider that might not be a part of their normal day-to-day thought processes. If they are contemplating these things already then that’s a bonus. Greg’s pulverizing riff reminded me of how I’ve been feeling as we’ve all been in quarantine for a year plus now. I hope all countries including ours, the United States of America, can find a healthy solution asap that allows societies around the world to enjoy life to the fullest every day while basking in the inherent beauty in our world. 
George Pond: Well definitely both personal feelings and messages at the same time. I don’t want to get into specifics as a listener people gather their own definitions and I am sure everyone can relate to the message.  
How did you all handle the writing process on these tracks for this single? Don’t one of you or all of you have recording studios?  
George Pond: Greg and I wrote the meat of the song with Joe putting the icing on the cake solos and some keys and melody guitars as well as numerous other parts. Chaka Wrote the Lyrics and Melodies.  We all wrote parts in this song. most of the tracks were recorded at my studio in NJ. Joe has his own studio in New York so he did his parts there. I produced it and Charlie Berezansky Mixed and Mastered it at Rival sounds in NJ as well.  
Greg Antine: George and I came up with a few ideas and then we expanded on them. The song gets sent to Joe and he adds the magical ingredients It’s a very solid team effort.
How would you describe the sound of this single? 
George: Many different sounds the song embraces many styles and moods taking you on a journey of heavy orchestral tones.
Greg Antine: Heavy, Dark, Bold, and Beautiful.
Finish the sentence: Swim The Current’s music is the music created for the __________________________. 
Greg Antine: Swim the Currents music is the music created for Extraterrestrials and other Worldy Beings.
Any plans for performing together or more music in 2021 we can expect? Where can we expect Swim the Current to head? 
Greg Antine: At the moment, I just want to keep putting out singles.