Interview with Simon Rex

Sofa King Cool caught up with Simon Rex and we talked about his upcoming appearance at Astronomicon and how he has not very many conventions before. We talked about the possibility of doing a tour with Twiztid  and collaborating on a track together. We talked about smoking weed and how strong it has gotten, smoking Dabs with Action Bronson  and putting out some Dirt Nasty Weed. We then talk about supergroup Three Loco  With Dirt Nasty, Andy Milonakis & Riff Raff  reuniting and dropping the new track ARROGANT AMERICAN FREESTYLE and how they plan on doing a crowd source to start a new show. Dropping Dirty Nasty and recording a kids album as Squeaky Clean   We then discussed his rolling paper line  Roll White Boys and clothing line Simon Rextiles  He also hopes a new scary movie will be made but doubts it will happen without Anna Faris 

Check Out The Original Three Loco Pilot Below

New Three Loco Track