Interview with LEROI XIII

Sofa King Cool caught up with LEROI XIII and we discussed the Dio cover of “STAND UP AND SHOUT” with members of Granny 4 Barrel, Evanescence and Of Mice and Men, and some more covers and original music coming soon, we also talked about Granny 4 Barrell’s new music, the concept behind the band and stage presence, the possibility of a granny 4 barrel comic, his jewelry company LEROI and what is next for him




The list of metal classics that the late/great Ronnie James Dio was responsible for penning or co-penning is endless– “Man on the Silver Mountain,” “Heaven and Hell,” “Holy Diver,” “Rainbow in the Dark,” “The Last in Line,” etc.

And now, in honor of the man (who passed away in 2010 at the age of 67, from stomach cancer), several renowned names of the metal world have united to record a cover of “Stand Up and Shout” – which was originally the lead-off track from Dio’s classic solo debut from 1983, ‘Holy Diver.’


Produced by David Bendeth (who has previous worked with Of Mice And Men, Breaking Benjamin, and I Prevail, among countless others), the track features contributions from the newly-formed LeRoi XIII (Thirteen), which is comprised singer Terry LeRoi (Granny 4 Barrel), guitarists Troy McLawhorn (Evanescence) and Sammy Boller, bassist Aaron Pauley (Of Mice and Men), and drummer Will Hunt (Evanescence). The single will be released on Friday, October 30th, 2020, with 100% of the proceeds/profits from this song go to the Stand Up and Shout
Cancer Fund (for the mission of support, research, and education that furthers early detection, prevention, and treatment of prostate, colon, and stomach cancers).
“I am so pleased with this cover of ‘Stand Up and Shout,’ and I know Ronnie would be so honored.” – Wendy Dio
“This was an amazing and unforgettable experience working with these incredibly talented artists and legendary producer David Bendeth! It’s truly an honor to pay tribute to Ronnie James Dio and to have this opportunity to support Wendy and the Dio Cancer Fund.” -Terry LeRoi
“Working with this great crew of people, and paying homage to Ronnie James Dio, one of the greatest rock singers that ever lived, was an amazing experience…When you hear it, just stand up and shout! FUCK CANCER!” -David Bendeth
“I’ve been a fan of Dio for as long as I can remember. To play on this cover with such amazing musicians was a real honor.” -Sammy Boller
“‘Stand Up and Shout’ is such a timeless and more meaningful than ever classic metal masterpiece. We had a great time making this and knowing that it’s to support the Dio Cancer Fund made this whole experience even better” -Will Hunt
“When I was asked to join these great musicians to record a tribute to Dio with ‘Stand Up and Shout,’ I was honored and excited. When I found out the proceeds would go to this great cause, I was 100% in.” -Troy McLawhorn 
When David Bendeth gives me a call to work together, I’m onboard. When that opportunity involves working with incredibly talented musicians like Terry, Troy, Will, and Sammy to recreate a metal classic—with all proceeds from the track going to the Dio Cancer Fund—it doesn’t get much better than that!”  -Aaron Pauley 
As fans will soon hear for themselves, new energy and passion has been infused into this song 30 years later, and Stand Up and Shout Board unanimously approved the song. Keeping true to the honor and memory of Ronnie James Dio, this song was recorded in the month of May 2020 – which was the month of his passing 10 years ago. And due to COVID-19, all of the events that were planned for the 10th year anniversary of Ronnie’s passing were unfortunately canceled. But through the determination and creativity of these musicians and producer of this song, it was still able to be recorded…despite the virus.
And one can’t overlook the timely nature of the song, and how thematically, it’s more relevant than ever – encouraging empowerment, finding inner strength, using your voice and having the courage to take charge of your destiny. Help keep Ronnie’s legacy, music, and memory alive – and support a great cause – by purchasing, streaming the “Stand Up and Shout” single by LeRoi XIII.
Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund