Interview with Jason Mewes And Q & A From Nickel City Con. Jay Gives All The Details On Jay And Silent Bob Reboot

Jason Edward Mewes (born June 12, 1974) is an American television and film actor, film producer and internet radio show host. He has played Jay, the vocal half of the duo Jay and Silent Bob, in longtime friend Kevin Smith’s films.

Cinema icon Jason Mewes is best known as the potty-mouthed vocal half of Jay and Silent Bob, the on- screen comedic duo who first appeared in Kevin Smith’s seminal 1994 indie film Clerks. Mewes would reprise the character five more times on the big screen from 1995 to 2006, becoming a sort of James Bond of mid-90’s low budget film—a fast talking, foul-mouthed, over-sexed but ultimately harmless and likable guy. Bugs Bunny with a boner.

Sofa King Cool Caught Up with Jason Mewes and we talk about his upcoming directorial debut, doing stand up, breaking off from the Jay character, All The Details on Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Moose Jaws, and why clerks 3 will never happen

Jason Mews Q and A Nickel City Con Buffalo NY 5/19/18