Interview with “Fred The Elephant Boy” Schreiber and Petition to Ban “High Pitch Erik”Bleaman from The Howard Stern Show

Howard Stern‘s “Wack Pack” crew member High Pitch Eric was picked up by cops Friday for allegedly threatening to kill fellow Packer The Elephant Boy.

Sources tell us, Eric was arrested in Queens for threatening text messages to The Elephant Boy, including “You’re a dead mother fucker I’ll break your face and strangle you.”

Eric was busted for aggravated harassment and held for about hour before getting out.

Eric tells us he became frustrated with The Elephant Boy after he continuously attacked him on Twitter. He says Elephant Boy made fun of his dead mom, disability benefits and has falsely tried to be his friend in the past.


Here is an interview with Fred giving his side of the story on what went down with High Pitch Erick and why he filed the police report


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Erik is Not Happy about this