Interview with David Ellefson

Sofa King Cool caught up with David Ellefson at Frightmare In The Falls and we discussed the new horror movie he is putting out through Ellefson films “Dwellers”, Megacruise, an update on Dave Mustaine’s Health, The Possibility of Dave’s vocals changing, achieving milestones with Megadeth and what he still would like to achieve , When Dave First Left The Band, His New Book More Life With Deth, All Of His Side Projects, and why he is so down to earth and loves interacting with fans

Dwellers is an upcoming American found footage horror film written and directed by Drew Fortier. It is the first film greenlit by Ellefson Films, formed by Megadeth bassist David Ellefson and Thom Hazaert.  The plot of the film follows a documentary film crew who eventually go missing while uncovering the truths behind the disappearances within a homeless community. The film stars Drew Fortier, James L. Edwards, Douglas Esper as well as David Ellefson and Thom Hazaert portraying themselves as featured cameos

In  the  follow  up  to  his  2013 memoir  MY  LIFE  WITH  DETHMegadeth  bassist and  co-founder,  David  Ellefson  continues  where  he  left off  with  MORE  LIFE  WITH  DETHCo-written  with  his  business  partner, Radio  Personality  and  Music  Journalist,  Thom  Hazaert,  MLWD  picks  up  the story  after  his  departure  from  Megadeth  in  the  mid-2000s,  through his  triumphant  return  in  2010,  giving  you  an  inside  look  at  the  continued  saga  of  one  of  the  World’s  biggest,  and  most  enduring,  Heavy  Metal  bands.