Interview with Awaken and Release of New Video Graveyards

Sofa King Cool caught up with Awaken and we talked about the new single and video for “Graveyards” off of the upcoming album ‘Monsters & Machines’ and how the album was pushed back for months, making new music, and what is next for the band


“Graveyards is a reminder that if you keep dancing with past mistakes that you never allow yourself to separate from… you may never see what could really be in store for your life. The history  that should be dead and gone doesn’t need to control you.” – Chad Griffin of Awaken


Sofa King Cool was able to ask Awaken a few Questions about the new single 


Tell us about this latest single “Graveyards” what made you come up with the idea for the song? 


Chad Griffin: “Graveyards” was the last song written and recorded on the record. We had a time when the album date was pushed back and wanted to get back in a get creative one more time before closing the book on this record. It comes across in a metaphorical perspective toward current events, and a message we felt was fitting for what the world is going through. We thought it would be a great addition to the record musically and lyrically. 


How does it fit in with the overall theme behind the album you have coming out this month, Monsters & Machines?


Chad Griffin: Well, the theme of the record is based on monsters and machines we all have to face in life. The Monsters being our own personal demons and the fears we have to overcome. The Machines being the devices and the distractions that revolve around us constantly. With “Graveyards”, the lyrical content would fit in with the monster’s side of it with the fears of escaping comfort zones of our pasts. In human nature, we tend to keep repeating the same mistakes that should already be buried. It’s easy to keep dancing around old habits instead of moving forward. That can also go with the aspect of the machine as well. Sometimes technology and distractions can keep us from stagnant and keep us from the right path. 


Do the song and album have any personal meaning to you or was it something in an observation you wanted to get across to your fans?  


Chad Griffin: I would say honestly, both… Each track has a message I would like for the fans to get from it and take to heart. There is also a center focus I have in mind that is personal to me at the same time. I tend to use a lot of double entendre. It’s sometimes a challenge I like to give myself. Some more than others. Sometimes I’m even giving myself the advice to look back on when I get down or stressed out on life… or ya know, being human. The things we all go through. 


How did you all handle the writing process on these tracks for your album, and did you find the restrictions behind the current health crisis a challenge?


Chad Griffin: It was all actually pretty smooth. We set aside time weekly to get together to write and record together. We came up with parts while in the studio, demoed it out. Then went in to lay the real parts. Honestly can’t say that restrictions held us back. It kind of helped in a way calming down other everyday life obligations to help us have more creative time. 


Do you yourselves, have a favorite track off your album?


Chad Griffin: I usually do, but that is a tough one for this record. We feel like all these songs are our babies. I would say I probably have a top 4 with “Graveyards” being one of them. 2 that really stand out to me is “Dramatic” and “The Desert”. Those 2 plus “Graveyards” and “Fall/ Break/ Rise” I would say 1 of those 4 are my personal favorite track. I’m honestly not sure which one just yet, ha. Now I’m leaving off “Behemoth”… ok, 5. “Behemoth” really was special to me on a personal level. It was the one that stood out as a first release from the beginning to me. It still holds strong as one of the top tracks.  So depending on which day you ask me… it’s one of those. 


How would you describe your music to people who never heard it before? 


Chad Griffin: Deep melodic hard rock that wants to grab hold of your attention to hear and feel what is being said… 


Finish the sentence: Awaken’s music is the music created for the 


Chad Griffin: Ones searching for something more and something different, while still getting that hint of something they love and are familiar with.


Any plans for performing or more music in 2021 we can expect? 


Chad Griffin: Yes, we are starting to book what shows we can at the moment, and also will be doing acoustic performance videos for social media. We may record a few covers as well. Whatever we can get ourselves into for the new year and hope things start getting back to normal a bit to be able to get out and play more. 




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