Interview with John Corabi ” I never wanted to commit Suicide”

Sofa King Cool caught up with John Corabi and we talked about The Dead Daises World Tour, The Up coming show in Poland which will have over a million fans and the band will be playing with A full orchestra, Their new video for “An American Band” getting over 1 million views in less then a month, teaming up with Harley Davidson for the remaining shows, being the first band to play in Cuba after the embargo, Meet and Greets with Fans, how an internet video where he made a joke about putting a gun in his mouth got blown out of proportion, Never wanting to commit suicide, The Possibility of doing a full album with Mick Mars from Motley Crue, Having no Ill will for Nikki Sixx and wishing him the best for American Idol, His upcoming solo record coming up in October, And He announced The Dead Daises will have new album out by next spring !


Here is the video of John that we discussed in the interview