Director Paul Feig has been unveiling snippets from GHOSTBUSTERS over the last couple of weeks. Starting with the Ecto-1, the proton packs, the jumpsuits, and then shots of the cast, we have seen parts of the whole but not everything together. That all changes now as the first official shot of the entire main cast in their full Ghostbusters gear has been revealed.

Feig shared the below photo on Twitter showing off Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kristen Wiig, andKate McKinnon in their suits complete with proton packs and insignia patch on their arm. There still has not been any reveal of what the effects will look like in action, but we cannot say this doesn’t look likeGHOSTBUSTERS.

As much as I love both of the original GHOSTBUSTERS movies, I am looking forward to seeing if this new film can continue the franchise in some manner. While I would have preferred to see the original cast come back for a new adventure, it is kind of like hoping for The Beatles to reunite. After a while, you know it is just not possible but that doesn’t mean no one should be allowed to cover their songs. I will never consider this GHOSTBUSTERS 3 but that doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy it.

GHOSTBUSTERS also stars Andy Garcia, Cecily Strong, Neil Casey, and Michael K. Williams. It opens on July 22, 2016.