Hear Fall Out Boy’s ‘Irresistible’ Sid and Nancy-Inspired New Single

Fall Out Boy’s new studio album American Beauty/American Psycho drops Jan. 20 and the band has shared yet another new track from it.

This one’s called “Irresistible” and it’s par for the course amongst post-reunion Fall Out Boy tracks — whopping, arena-sized hooks punctuated by a liberal use of sampling. This time, it’s some horns in the intro and chorus to announce the band’s arrival.

Lyrically, bassist Pete Wentz writes on the toxic love theme (hence “Irresistible”) with lines like, “I love the way you hurt me, baby” and, “You look so Seattle, but you feel so L.A.”

On Fall Out Boy’s official site, Wentz likened the theme to Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen’s fatal attraction:

“When I think of Irresistible it brings this image to my head, whether it’s fictional or real, of Sid and Nancy in an alleys garbage raining down on them in an eternal spiral of romance and poison. Sometimes its hard not to love what can hurt us the most.”