Gideon plays Pokemon Go . Watch Interview here

Sofa King Cool caught up with Gideon at the Warped Tour, we talk about the tour, they catch a pokemon, we discuss their name, and what is next for the band

Gideon is an American Christian heavy metal band hailing from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, who were established in 2008. The groups’ current label imprint is Facedown Records and former was Strike First Records. In 2011, the band came out with a studio album called Costs with Strike First. Their second studio album was issued in 2012, titled Milestone, under current imprinter Facedown. On Febuarary 10, 2016 Gideon announced that they left Facedown Records and signed to Equal Vision Records and will release their fourth album later in the year. The band released their first single, “Pulling Teeth”, on July 1,