Former Mushroomhead Singer Waylon Reavis Slams Band ‘I Hope They Die Slowly’ Members Retaliate “Waylon’s New Bandmate Is A Pedophile

Waylon Reavis spoke out against Mushroomhead recently in an interview withRock Rage Radio:

Reavis – “You guys have been waiting for this story, you’ve been wondering what’s happening… I’m gonna say it all, I don’t care anymore. It’s time to just air it out.”

“I joined Mushroomhead Sept. 19th, 2004. J-Mann (Jason Popson) quits. They hire me on my birthday… no tryouts… I join the band. 11 years later, October 5th, 2015, I leave the band, unexpectedly. Let me tell you… Mushroomhead is a dictatorship. Steve Felton runs this band… nobody has anything to say. You can’t do anything. Steve, you’re a fucking dick. I’ll say it now, and I’ll say it again. You’re a fucking dick. You rip off Jeff. You rip off J. You rip off every member that’s ever been in that band. Say something… I’ll beat your ass again. I left the room whooping ass, and I’ll leave it again, whooping ass.”

“If I’m such a bad guy, why would I be working with children in a residential treatment facility? I’m so bad? No. Mushroomhead is so bad. You know why they didn’t make it in this industry? Because they fucked over people all over the industry. They shit talk. They don’t care about you. They want your money. They’re not good people. Steve, you’re a fuck. I’ll say it to your face. You’re a thief and you’re a fuck, dude. Slipknot is better. Flat out. Corey Taylor, you’re a badass fuckin’ singer. Slipknot, you’re a great fucking performance… I’ll say it personally because I wasn’t in Mushroomhead when all that shit went down. Guys, Slipknot is better. Hands down.”

“My future has nothing to do with Mushroomhead. Period. The fact is, I work with kids right now, that’s more important than anything. I work with children that have been through sex-trafficking… beaten by their families, homeless… I’m doing that. That’s more important to me right now. I’m finding myself, working with these kids… and they’re refilling my head cage. You know, that is where lyrics come from. Real strife in the industry… real, you know, pain. I tapped it all with guys that didn’t give a fuck. So I went and worked with children to build it back up because these kids have been through more than anything I’ve ever been through. I am so happy to be doing that, but… I’m here at the Chicago Open Air Festival. I’m hanging out with Korn, I’m hanging out with my friends. I miss you guys, I miss the fans.”

“Korn was the first band to reach out to me when I left Mushroomhead. They’re the ones that hugged me and said, “Everything’s gonna be alright. Don’t fret Waylon, you’re gonna be fine.” The fact is, they’re right. I am fine. I have a job. I can take care of Phoenix, and my children, and my wife. I’m able to do that. But, you know, something inside me is missing. I miss playing for you guys. I miss getting up there and being the crazy mother fucker that I am. You know… Who knows?”

“Anything I could go back and change? I would make Mushroomhead sign a contract with me… that they would actually have to pay me… the money that Steve made and pocketed for himself. Steve took a young man that was just hungry to see the world and perform for some people and just abused it. Used it. He hid me from everybody, I wasn’t aloud to talk to anybody. I would change that.”

“I knew it was always there. The fact is, I was too blind to it. I was more interested in keeping the people happy and the fans happy… so I ignored it and my family suffered, I suffered… We were living check to check, not knowing how we’re gonna buy groceries, pay the mortgage… I should have been smarter, sooner. I wasn’t gonna give up on the kids… I wanted to be up there on that stage, making people smile.”

“No I wasn’t on cocaine that night. No I wasn’t on steroids. I beat their ass. That was it. I was angry because of how much money I was ripped off from. They wanna say what they wanna say. Say it. I said, “I’m 0ut.” I didn’t say I quit. I didn’t say I got fired. Yes, I did get fired. I’m out. I left because I’m not gonna be dictated by anybody. No man can ever tell me who I can hang out with, and who I’m friends with. Mushroomhead is nix. I hope they die slowly. I hope their fan base just goes down, and down, and down. I will never sing a song with them ever again. I wish I had never met ’em.”

The full interview can be viewed below:


Current member of Mushroomhead, Rick “Stitch” Thomas, took to Facebook with the following:





Read some more recent Mushroomhead drama:

I believe we have a major case of “You can’t fire me I quit!” VS “You can’t quit, we fire you!”

If you’ve been paying attention to the metal news lately, drama within the Mushroomhead camp has been “unraveling” at a rapid rate… it seems the “damage is done”.

We did some digging and it seems we have uncovered the shocking truth from current member of Mushroomhead, Rick “Stitch” Thomas, himself…

It all started with the, now former, Mushroomhead singer posting the news to his Facebook Fan Page:




Reavis posted an initial video addressing the issue:

“I’ve made my decision. MUSHROOMHEAD has made their decision. And we’ll leave it at that. We are professionals. We are artists. This kind of stuff happens.”

He added: “I have not been there in a while. I’ve been checked out. I’ve been doing my own thing. My heart wasn’t there. My soul wasn’t there. My time in MUSHROOMHEAD had ran its course.

“I have eleven years of wonderful, wonderful memories, but I’m ready for something else in my life. I’m ready for a change. I’ve lived the same monotony for too long.”

Reavis went on to say: “I just didn’t agree with a lot of the decisions and where we were going, and that’s fine; that’s part of life. You don’t have to agree with everything.

“Remember: I’m only here once. You’re only here once. If we’re not enjoying what we’re doing, why the hell are we doing it?

“I’m at home with my family. For the first time in a long time, I don’t feel a burden of MUSHROOMHEAD, and it did feel like a burden to me. It’s not my burden, it’s not my problem anymore, and I’m glad it’s gone. But the fact is I do wish them the best.”

Mushroomhead fans immediately began flooding fan sites with conflicting stories and rumors; speculation, arguing, and taking sides ensued…

Mushroomhead singer Jeff Hatrix AKA Jeffrey Nothing took to Facebook stating:


Reavis then posted another video, attempting to calm the disgruntled fans:

Reavis then posted ANOTHER video, thanking fans for the support following his departure; addressing his future plans:

Rick “Stitch” Thomas posted this image to Facebook along with the following message:




Reavis made the following claims via video streaming from his account:

In a nutshell – Shmotz (Keyboards) was thrown out by Skinny, drummer and leader of Mushroomhead.

Waylon was instructed not to make contact with Shmotz. Waylon was still talking to Shmotz.

Stitch ratted Waylon out, telling Skinny that Waylon was still talking to Shmotz.

Waylon was drunk and swung on him for being a “rat”. He will never sing in Mushroomhead again.

He made 16k last year with the band… while “Mushroomhead” made 250,000 dollars off merch alone.

The band Mushroomhead has yet to release an official statement, however Stitch has stated that the band will release a statement of their own “very soon”.