Fear the Walking Dead had its season finale last night, just in time for the premiere of The Walking Dead‘s sixth season on October 11th. In a wrap-up interview with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Dave Erickson revealed some details of the direction the next season will be taking. Although the interview goes in depth on spoilers for the season finale, we’ll keep the following exerpts as pure as possible.

First off, there’s some good news for people who found the first season a little slow. Fear the Walking Dead will:

…pick up in a more accelerated pace when [it goes] into the season.

The show began before the zombie outbreak, and now that the threat has shown its face, things will heat up rather quickly. Perhaps in an attempt to cool things down:

There will be quite a bit of action on the seas — and we’ll split it between land and water. …It’s going to be an interesting dynamic.

Although zombies can’t swim, don’t think for a second that any seaborne survivors will be safe. [REC] 4: APOCALYPSE also set sail, and look how that went. Hopefully season 2 will be better than [REC] 4, but you get the picture. And according to Erickson, the recently launched web series Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 will merge with the series at a later point:

We’ll see at least one character from Flight 462 who makes an appearance. As to how involved that narrative thread becomes, that remains to be seen. We will conflate those two story lines over the course of season two.

And there you have it. It sounds like things will reach a boil pretty quickly for our forlorn Southern California survivors. Fear the Walking Dead season 2 will premiere in 2016 with 15 new episodes. Check out the full interview (spoilers and all) here!