Doyle clears up all Misfits Reunion Rumors Interview with Doyle and Alex Story

Sofa King Cool caught up with Doyle and Alex Story and we talked Doyle’s detached retina, Playing NYC same day as terrorist attack, The upcoming Misfits reunion shows, New Misfits Record, 2nd Misfits Reunion with Michale Graves, Comparing Michale’s voice to Alex’s. The Misfits Fight with Motley Crue The Only Meat Vegans can Eat, Doyle claims Fake news on Sleeping with ICP. Doyle opening for Misfits, and Alex announces new Cancer Slugs Album


Here is The Interview with Michale Graves talking about the Misfits Reunion

Click Here to read interview where Danzig talks about chasing the Motley Crue out of the Whiskey with The Misfits 

The same story is also in the official Misfits Boxset


Compare the Harmony on these two songs

Watch Gwar Pick the better Misfits singer