DMX Condoms, Cigs & Henny, Please … My Hotel Room’s So ‘Hood!

DMX and The LOX might blow the roof off their downtown L.A. concert Wednesday — but the real party’s back at X’s hotel room … which is gonna be loaded with XL-sized condoms and Newports.

We got our hands on a copy of DMX’s rider — the special requests promoters have to fill for performers — and it reads like the most awesome ‘hood pass. Check out the must-haves for his hotel suite:

– One fifth of Hennessy
– One 6-pack of Sunkist Soda
– One carton of Newport cigarettes
– Two boxes of Magnum Condoms
– Now & Laters (assorted flavors)

DMX also requires $150 cash for “incidentals” — what that means exactly … we’ll leave to your imagination.

As for his dressing room … it’s a diabetic nightmare: TWO more fifths of Henny, hot chicken (white meat only), mashed potatoes, green beans, tons of soda, Oreos, Starbursts, Skittles, and yes — more Now & Laters.

Interesting though — no condoms needed in the dressing room. We’re told … that is NOT where X is gonna give it to ya.