Dave Grohl Invites Drunk Fan On Stage At Las Vegas Show, The Same Show Where Dave Fell Off Stage

Foo Fighters played a private corporate show in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock on Wednesday night,  The performance was part of the CES 2019 trade show. The same show where Dave fell off the stage after chuggin a beer.

Dave Seen a fan partying in the audience and invited him on the stage. His name was  Jay from Bombay and he chugged champagne with Dave Grohl, danced onstage, and attempted to sing at times. After the Foos finished their performance, Jay from Bombay wasn’t ready to leave.

Jay said, “Let’s do it again.”

Grohl responded, “Yeah, let’s do it again sometime, sometime. See ya Jay. Jay from Bombay.”

Security then came onstage as Jay tried to climb Taylor Hawkins’ drum kit, and he tripped and almost had a bad fall, but caught himself with the help of security.

As security escorted Jay offstage, Grohl said, “Give it up for Jay from Bombay right now.”

He then quipped, “His ass is so fired, I don’t know who he works for. Oh shit.”

“How the fuck are we gonna top Jay from Bombay? It ain’t gonna happen.”

Watch video below.