Chris Pratt runs for his life in a new clip from Jurassic World

Had it opened any other year I suspect that JURASSIC WORLD would have been top dog at the box-office, but the film is facing some serious competition in 2015 as well as a pre-release response that is probably a little less enthusiastic than the studio was hoping for. There’s still time to get people on board however and Universal has released a new clip from the film today; while it’s one we’ve already seen in the trailers, it’s nice to see it play out in its entirety. Check it out!

Earlier in the year JURASSIC WORLD was easily one of my most anticipated films of 2015, but sadly I haven’t been as excited by the footage I’ve seen as I thought I would be. I can’t actually pinpoint anything that would cause me to have a reason for disliking JURASSIC WORLD at this point; we’ve certainly seen plenty of dinosaur mayhem as well as the glory of a fully realized dinosaur theme park that John Hammond could only dream of, but I just feel as though I should be on the edge of my seat screaming for Colin Trevorrow to take my money by now. Now it’s possible I’m just a bitter old man and the prospect of dinosaurs on the big screen just doesn’t hold the appeal it once did, but I refuse to believe that. I also refuse to get this lump looked at but I’m sure it’s nothing


JURASSIC WORLD is set to devour all the slow children on June 12, 2015.