Chris Pratt flirts with Bryce Dallas Howard in 1st clip from Jurassic World Watch it Here

The first JURASSIC WORLD clip has been released, and although it doesn’t have any dinosaurs, it does feature some amusing banter between Chris Pratt‘s Owen and Bryce Dallas Howard‘s Claire. The clip appears to be an early scene from the film (before all the running and screaming), with Claire wanting Owen to check the paddock for vulnerabilities. I have a feeling Owen is going to find a few issues with the park’s dino enclosure.

The clip reveals Owen and Claire previously had a relationship (albeit a short, single date one), and Owen also talks about his special (but not in a ZOO sort of way) relationship with the raptors.

“Do you want to consult here or in my bungalow?”

It’s a pretty funny clip, and it kind of reminds me of the JURASSIC PARK scenes set before Wayne Knight‘s Dennis Nedry f*cked everything up. Things are going to get a little less comical once there are dinosaurs running/flying around freely in the park though, especially with a genetically modified hybrid mutant dino on the lose.

JURASSIC WORLD opens on June 12, 2015.