Check Out The Trailer For Wolf House

In October of 2010, six friends went on a camping trip in Hartland, NY. Soon after, they were all brutally murdered. A brief investigation brought little to light and soon the cause of deaths was deemed “wolf attack.” Only it wasn’t wolves.

These are the tapes they don’t want you to see. We acquired this footage from Joseph Hiller’s home video camera and John Carrier’s GoPro. Wolf House shows the last remaining hours in the lives of the six victims.

After shooting a large animal which they believed to be dead, they brought it home in a tarp and left it in their basement. Before they could decide what to do with it, the monster came to life and began devouring them.

It gets worse. Much worse.

You didn’t see it on the news because if it was reported, if the TRUTH was reported, it would change everything.

This footage is real. This movie is real.

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They are watching you.