Whitey Bulger Killed In Prison

Whitey Bulger — one of America’s most notorious mobsters — was reportedly killed Tuesday in a federal prison where he had just been transferred. Bulger was just moved to new facility — U.S. Penitentiary Hazelton in West Virginia — a maximum-security prison. Prison officials haven’t released details, but say he was found dead sometime after he was moved to the prison.Bulger had been serving out his life sentence in a federal pen in Florida until last week, when he was transferred to one in Oklahoma City … and he had just recently arrived in Hazelton. He was convicted in 2013 for a slew of crimes, including being linked to at least 11 murders.The ex-crime boss was on the run for years and was one of the FBI’s most wanted before being captured in Santa Monica in 2011. Bulger’s life story was documented in the 2015 flick, “Black Mass,” where Johnny Depp played the ruthless Winter Hill Gang crime boss, and longtime FBI informant, who terrorized the Boston area for years.

On an episode of “Objectified” … UFC honcho Dana Whitetold Harvey Levin, Bulger was the reason he had to get the hell out of Boston.Bulger was 89.